National Parks Foundation

Whitelist Fundraiser

To be one of the first official holders of one of our NFTs, you will need to mint one.

Prior to a public sale, we will have a whitelist for 500 people to obtain one of our NFTs early.

Donate to our GoFundMe fundraiser

Our community will always find ways to donate to efforts that bring awareness and funds to our National parks.

To get access to our early adopter’s whitelist

  1. Go to Gofundme button below and donate $20 or more to the National Parks Foundation
  2. Leave a comment including either your Discord username (e.g. MyName#7342), Instagram username, or Twitter @username. You MUST also include your public Ethereum wallet address. Don’t worry you can always edit the comment if you made a mistake.
  3. To check whether you made the whitelist, please contact us in our Discord group.

We receive none of this money. 100% goes directly to the National Parks Foundation via GoFundMe.


Benefits of Whitelist

  • Guaranteed early access to purchase a National Parks NFT 2.
  • 48 hour time frame to purchase the NFT, which allows you to choose a time when Ethereum gas fees are low.
  • Discounted price for the early whitelist sale

Fundraiser details

  • Donation whitelist spots available: 500
  • First come, first serve basis
  • Minimum donation for a whitelist spot: $20 (You are welcome to donate more).

Where does this money go?

  • We chose GoFundMe charity donations because none of this money comes to us. 100% goes directly to the foundation via GoFundMe.
  • Learn more here

Why am I posting my username and wallet information in GoFundMe?

  • To ensure we can track who has donated and who has not, we need a way to identify our members with their donations
  • The public wallet address is simply so we can add you to our NFT minting whitelist to grant you early access. This does not grant us permission to anything in your wallet, it’s similar to us asking for your email address.

We are not affiliated with the US National Parks Service or any of its entities. Our project is aligned around the theme of national parks, not the official branded trademark park names.