Our collection is now available on OpenSea. Each NFT is club membership.

The first National Park NFT community, where members of our National Park Club gain access to gear and experiences, while giving back to the parks.

NFT park experience

4825 Unique collectible NFTs that are membership to our NFT Club

Our membership club includes:

  • Bi-weekly webinars by experts with live contests
  • Bi-weekly trivia contests
  • Discounts on partner gear and experiences
  • Discounts on travel, accommodation, and park experiences
  • Access to photography experts, hiking guides, and park experts
  • MetaPark Experiences
  • We donate and support the National Park Foundation and other charities

Got questions or just want to meet our community?

NFT artwork

4825 NFT Park NFTs

All 63 official US National Parks are represented, with a higher supply of the most visited and most popular parks.

Artwork Traits

Each NFT is unique using different traits and rarities that combine terrain, weather, seasons, trails, rivers, and more.

Park Hobby Traits

Hidden among many NFT designs are objects that give you access to extra giveaways for hiking, camping, photography, climbing, road-tripping, etc.

The Hike Ahead


Your real & digital park life

At the heart of our club are digital and in-park experiences. Virtual contests, webinars, trivia, and in-park challenges. We hike together at meetups and partners bring discounts on outdoor gear. 

Digital collectibles & your brand

Collect your favorite national park NFTs and record real-life trips and achievements on the blockchain, in your digital park passport. Photographers and artists can participate in digital art fairs with fellow NFT collectors.

Social impact & giving back

Together our efforts will give back to the parks. Through NFT royalties and targeted fundraisers, we will support the National Park Foundation and park-specific charities. We’ll host and participate in volunteer days.

MetaPark experiences

Through metaverse experiences, we will create virtual words that focus on nature. Our community will interact in the metaverse to chill and to attend hosted metaverse events.

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Why national parks?

People love parks

In 2020, there were over 230 Million park visits. We all visit parks to get away from technology. We have memories with loved ones. We want to use technology to encourage getting in touch with nature.

NFTs can give back

We want to use NFTs to help people think about giving back to our environment and its preservation, and connect digital benefits with real-world benefits.

NFTs build communities

We’re at such an early stage of NFTs. Efforts like these will move people away from simply paying for cute collectible characters. Our collection is about building a community with shared passions.

Real-world experiences

While the metaverse takes over our lives, we must also ways to love and enjoy the outdoors. Digital experiences can complement physical experiences in National Parks.

Giving back to the parks

Donations to The Parks

Our minting and ongoing fundraisers will support the National Park Foundation and other charities. Note: NPF does not allow us to state exactly how much we donate, but we will provide receipts of donations.

Ongoing, we will make donations directly to 1% for the planet.

Offsetra Carbon Offset

We donate ongoing to Offsetra and their efforts to invest in carbon-neutral impactful programs.
Our most recent donation

Our team and partners

Ranger Mick

Ranger Mick

Founder, Artist, Designer with 20+ years building digital products for global companies and startups. Always capturing the landscape as a photography ninja with an insane passion for capturing National Parks.

Travis McKenzie

Travis McKenzie

We are partnering with Travis to use his extensive experience in partner and community development. He has insane experience creating partnerships, events and building community in the endurance sports world.

Ranger Josh

Ranger Josh

Community Manager, Josh found his way onto our team via his insane passion for National Parks and the NFT space. He has vowed to not sleep until he's taken over the world with our project. Do right by him in Discord!

Hang NFT

Hang NFT

HangNFT is our chosen technology partner. We are lucky to be early adopters of their NFT platform. With their past experience in high-traffic video streaming technology, they will help us grow our long-term community vision.

In the news

We are not affiliated with the US National Parks Service or any of its entities. Our project is aligned around the theme of national parks, not the official branded trademark park names.