The first National Park NFT community, where members of our National Park Club gain access to gear and experiences, while giving back to the environment.

Our community of early adopters are assembling

4,500 NFTs will be sold on OpenSea, but early access is available now to our Discord community!  

In our Discord community you can:

  • Chat with members about anything national park-related
  • Weekly giveaways until launch day
  • Early access to our whitelisting to buy our NFTs before public
  • Charity events that give back to the National Parks Foundation 
  • First time buying an NFT? That’s OK, our community will help you.

NFT artwork


What are the types of giveaways you offer for early access?

  • National park annual passes – for sharing and tagging friends on Instagram
  • National park annual passes – for showing us photos of your national park trips in our discord
  • Access to our whitelist – for inviting friends into our discord
  • Airbnb gift cards – for tagging and sharing with friends on Twitter
  • Gift cards – for describing a fictional national park in our discord

What is an NFT club? Aren’t NFTs just images?

  • You may be familiar with NFTs as artwork or as collectibles like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • There is another category of NFTs called Utility NFTs. These are the next wave where real-world value is tied to the NFT.
  • An NFT is digital proof of ownership. Our NFTs actas membership to a fan club.

  • Each month, different NFTs give you access to workshops, outdoor gear, virtual and real-life events.

We are not affiliated with the US National Parks Service or any of its entities. Our project is aligned around the theme of national parks, not the official branded trademark park names.